When our world is being spoofed by Deepfake, how can KYC be safe?

Hello readers. In the past few years, Our world of technology has evolved quite a lot. We now have AI and ML expanding capabilities such as face scanning to unlock phones. individual face recognition But it is undeniable that criminals are increasingly trying to use technology. The useless thing is that Deepfake has many victims. including the use of faces to be edited into videos with nudity. which caused great damage to that person So how can we prevent or detect Deepfake? Today, SECURI LAB will tell you about it.

What is Deepfake?

Deepfake is a process that uses Image processing using AI + ML to take a picture of another person’s face. put in another person which can be used to put both images and videos This can be done so smoothly that it can sometimes be difficult to detect with the human eye.

Deepfake threats to KYC

Currently, there are many methods of KYC such as document verification. along with the facial recording, some carriers also require physical face scans that rely on phone sensors, such as FaceID on iPhones, to record their biological identity. But nowadays it is popular to inspect pictures and videos.

Here are some examples of deepfake threats that affect KYC:

  1. Face spoofing by using pictures of other people’s faces.
  2. Face spoofing based on new face synthesis

How can detect deepfake usage?

Audit tools are currently being developed for monitoring deepfake usage and there are relevant articles or research on audit guidelines.

Inspection based on image distortion detection

Let’s take an example of an image review using photoshop.
Information from research and publications of https://peterwang512.github.io/FALdetector/

S.-Y. Wang, O. Wang, A. Owens, R. Zhang, A. A. Efros,
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In ICCV, 2019. (Paper).


SECURI LAB has guidelines for prevention. And how to monitor deepfake usage for KYC products?

Currently, SECURI LAB has committed to intensifying authentication measures or KYC/KYB. It relies on relevant tools to monitor deepfake usage to keep our reports accurate. However, SECURI LAB also depends on other audits, such as the AML/Sanction Database, to assess and verify criminal records. That’s why our KYC Product is more reliable than other providers.

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