The potential suspicious activity of the Harvest Keeper project

If you are a victim We encourage you to engage in law enforcement and if you need further assistance please contact us at

And we have disclosed information about KYC on our website.

[21 March 2023 — Thailand UTC+7 time] Update on the incident and tracking funds flow and confirmed all social media account that is related to Harvest Keeper has already been deleted

The latest movement from the report of our team (IR), we found that the said Address that we have moved the monitor.

Address that we have followed more after the incident.

~$709,885 BSC-USD

~$98,917 BSC-USD

~$201,306 BSC-USD only on BNB Chain [ETH Chain ~$30,901 | Polygon Chain~$1,222]

We have detected the movement and follow closely. We reported the victim's group on 20 March — Thailand Time.
We found that there was a movement by transferring assets to

After that, there was movement according to the diagram of the connection below.

Transaction reference on [3] :

Transaction reference on [6] :

Transaction reference on [4] :

Transaction reference on [7] :

We found suspicious destinations. We do not know whether it is related to this crime or not. However, we inform the community and victims.

When we check on BSCSCAN, we find that there are many transactions about
“This is a zero-value token transfer Initiated by another Address.”
We do not know what happened with the alert. But it seems that all the relevant Address that we follow has the same transaction.

We would like to inform you that we reported to BNB Chain about this crime on March 19, 2023, and it is believed that our report has been sent to the BNB Chain security team.

And the last thing We found was that the way to contact the Harvest keeper was all closed. Website, Twitter, Telegram Chat, Telegram Chanel, Discord

[20 March 2023 — Thailand UTC+7 time] Update On the incident about Harvest Keeper Scam & Phishing

We have been notified by many users who have fallen victim to this scam. We’ve found that it’s very likely that besides withdrawing the money from the contract, in the case of the getAmount() function call, we encountered an abnormality when pressing the Harvest button on the harvest keeper’s ui interface. Other contract rights, when permitted, transfer assets to an unknown destination address:


Many victims have reported the matter to SECURI LAB (Thailand) Incident Response Team and provided the same destination address. along with informing the transaction id number to us

We have reviewed and confirmed the incident. That’s why we make additional announcements in this report as well.

Including CERTIK Alert notified the matter as well.

And this is the victim’s testimony. And we have already done verification.

[19 Mar 2023 — Thailand Time]
We have detected a potentially suspicious activity of the Harvest Keeper project, please read this thread for details.

1. Clarify that we do not have any benefit in connection with the Harvest Keeper project and that we have done KYC perform for that only.

The smart contract audit was reviewed by @contractwolf_io and they said an audit is passed with only low issues about Floating Pragma (SWC-103)

2. On March 18, Thailand time We received reports from many people. Along with the Harvest Keeper anomaly report, we have begun an investigation to find out more. We have gathered the following anomalies and questions and questions about the project.

3. We have seen suspicious activity related to this project. At 2023–03–17 16:18:50 (UTC), getAmount() function was called by the owner (remember they have renounced owner) and fetched BNB into the wallet of the contract owner. assert After that swap on Pancakeswap to USDT.

Called Function getAmount() Detail
Relational graph about suspicious activity wallet

They have transferred almost 100,000 USDT to a wallet that has nothing to do with the project. And we questioned and wondered why all the money was transferred to that wallet.

Transaction Hash about that’s Transfer

1000 BSC-USD ($1000)

97,917.190075222961199762 BSC-USD ($97,917)

Transaction Hash about that’s called function getAmount()

4. At the same time we noticed another anomaly, at 2023–03–17 16:16:53 (UTC), the Owner(remember they have renounced owner) did the same thing by calling the getAmount() function and fetching funds. From pool BNB-BSC/USD worth 709,885 BSC-USD thereafter send all to 0x04956725a7a04baa29fa26ed2f572b54b5593744

Called Function getAmount() Detail
Relational graph about suspicious activity wallet

Transaction Hash about that’s Transfer

1000 BSC-USD ($1000)

100,000 BSC-USD ($100,000)

200,000 BSC-USD ($200,000)

200,000 BSC-USD ($200,000)

208,885.575912844921266588 BSC-USD ($208,885.5759)

Transaction Hash about that’s called function getAmount()

5. The Harvest Keeper project blocks all public communications. Users are unable to interact or discuss in groups, including Telegram Groups, Discord, and public comments on Twitter.

Harvest Keeper Social Media
Telegram Chat:
Telegram Channel:

6. 12:00 AM · Mar 19, 2023 (UTC+7) Harvest Keeper has announced the rescheduling of the contract update to Mar 19, 2023 around 17:00 UTC.

Such activities are quite unusual. We recommend users to stop using and revoke permissions for security purposes. because the project lacks transparency And there is an unusual practice of drawing money from the contract and transferring it to a destination account that is not related to the project.

SECURI LAB AND IR TEAM FOR OUR Situation Response will monitor the situation closely If you are a victim or have evidence or require various reports please contact us