Introduction WAS to upgrading smart contract audit performance

Greetings, I am Chinnakit Jitarpornsawat, the CEO and founder of
SECURI LAB in Thailand. We are excited to announce the release of our WAS (Warning Avoidance System), a unique solution we have developed to identify potentially harmful or flawed smart contracts written in Solidity. Our WAS system categorizes vulnerabilities and defects into up to
12 distinct categories, allowing for a more organized and efficient approach to contract security.

Regarding the additional performance of the tools we used for the review, we saw a 2.5x increase.

We have sample case studies of our custom detectors to demonstrate their performance.

  1. Centralized Risk Detector

2. Limit Transaction

3. Avoid Using Block Timestamp

5. Using bools for storage incurs overhead

Currently, when merging Detectors between tools that we create ourselves. Combined with world-class tools, we will have more than 1000+ Detectors combined.

We expect that by 2025 there will be more than 1200+ Custom Detectors only for WAS.

About SECURI LAB (Thailand)

As a team of highly skilled cybersecurity experts, SECURI LAB was established in 2018. Our team of security researchers has amassed over three years of expertise, and we have a strong foundation as consultants for organizations seeking to enhance their cybersecurity measures. Utilizing only the most reliable and industry-leading inspection tools, we strive to deliver the most comprehensive and effective solutions for our clients.