Collaboration Unveiled: SCRL Exciting Partnership with Trustblock

On October 30th, 2023, SCRL unveiled its latest strategic partnership with Trustblock, an esteemed security hub for Web3, marking a pivotal collaboration aimed at distributing comprehensive security audit reports. This exciting alliance endeavors to foster a robust and secure community within the realm of Web3, emphasizing the importance of heightened security measures and information transparency.

About Trustblock

Trustblock empowers auditors with a solution to share their audits transparently and deliver essential security data to the decentralized world.

By doing so, audits’ authenticity, author, and covered smart contracts are verifiable by everyone, thus saving users from scams and impersonators.

Thanks to having audits linked to the covered smart contracts, we calculate neutral, verifiable, and helpful business metrics on auditors’ profiles.

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About SCRL

SCRL, formerly known as SECURI LAB, aims to enhance Web3 project security through the expertise of security researchers. We provide robust security solutions and employ industry-standard technology, including internal tools and KYC solutions, to assess the security of smart contracts. SCRL primary mission is to tackle security challenges in Web3 projects with a focus on concise security audits. We created Python tools, namely WAS for internal purposes and aspire to foster the growth of Thailand’s crypto industry by promoting security protection technology.

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