Blockchain Incident loss arising $264M in September 2023

Here is a summary of blockchain incidents for September 2023.

  1. CoinEX Global
    On September 12, 2023, CoinEX Global announced a security situation stating that it had been hacked, with the assets of its hot wallet at risk including ETH, TRON, BTC. ~Prediction impact around $53M
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  2. Remitano
    On September 15, 2023, Ramitano announced a security incident that occurred on September 14. Ramitano Security Management team “discovered a data breach from
    a third-party source that had compromised some of our sensitive information. As a result, a small amount of funds from the exchange’s hot wallets were transferred to suspicious wallet addresses through unauthorized withdrawal transactions.”
    ~Prediction impact around $2.7M (Tether Already Frozen $2.7 USDT and potential USDT funds are recovered back to Remitano)
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  3. Balancer Frontend UI Under Attack
    On September 20, 2023, Balancer experienced a security issue in its Frontend UI that could cause users to lose their funds and issued a temporary not interact with UI notice to user (the blockchain remains secure and works as expected). The situation was later resolved shortly after the announcement.
    ~Prediction impact around $238k (Source: ZachXBT)
  4. Linear Finance Exploit
    On September 21, 2023, Linear Finance encountered a security issue with the protocol. It was discovered that an exploit had occurred. There were no loss arising reports of any damages. Linear Finance has temporarily suspended the protocol. Vote proposal for response to the matter
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  5. Mixin Kernel
    On September 23, 2023, Mixin Kernel announced a protocol security situation. It was discovered that a database from a cloud service provider had been hacked, putting $200M at risk.
    ~Prediction impact around $200M
  6. HTX Global (Previously Huobi)
    On September 25, 2023, HTX encountered a security issue. As a result, 5,000 ETH (approximately valued at $8M) was hacked from the exchange HTX and has offered to refund HTX in exchange for 5% of the stolen amount (400,000 USD) If there is no response, HTX will take further legal action.
    ~Prediction impact around $8M

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